How to Play Bingo for a Fundraising Event

If you are looking for a game to play at a fundraising event then consider the advantages of bingo – universally popular, easy to set up, simple to play and above all fun. Bingo is a great game to play at an event where you are raising money for charity or an organisation. You need a little bit of organisation and forward planning, some enthusiastic helpers, and a good amount of energy. That’ll make the event go with a swing. Follow these steps for easy bingo event planning.

  1. Find Your Location

You can Play Bingo in many different locations so long as you have enough space for everyone that wants to attend. The facilities must also be comfortable, with adequate seating and bathrooms. A well-located place is best as it will be easier to reach and will attract more people. And of course you need to consider the cost of hiring the venue. Whatever you spend on the hire will have to be taken out of the profits you make. See if you can get something at a discounted price, or for free, as your bingo event will be run for charity.

  1. Get Some Prizes

People will want to win something at the bingo, even if it is for charity. But at the same time you want to raise money and not spend it all on prizes. Consider doing a split of prize money for bingo games and gifts or other items – you can get local companies or individuals to donate prizes that can be given out in each round. Don’t forget to give all the companies that provide prizes some free advertising and credit.

  1. Find Your Equipment

You will need to print out bingo cards or buy them ready-printed. Make sure you have enough cards for all the games you are going to run, and for people who may want to play more than one card during a game. You should also lend or give players markers or spotters to cross off the numbers as they are called. In addition you will need a way of generating the numbers at random. You can hire a bingo machine or you can use an online bingo game to generate the numbers. Either way you will need someone to call the numbers as they are drawn, and to check the prize winners’ cards at the end of the games. You will also need the practical supplies such as cups, glasses, plates for food, napkins, chairs, tablecloths, etc. Many venues come furnished with these items which will make your life easier.

  1. Get Your Help in Place

You can’t run a major event all on your own so sign up interested people to help you out on the night and with the preparations. On the night of the event you will need people to help you sell tickets and cards, serve refreshments and food, and call the bingo numbers.